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Casing Pipe

ITP Indiantube Casing pipes are manufactured from high-grade PVC resin material capable of withstanding the most hazardous conditions on site & exceeds the most stringent requirements of Indian and International standards. They are also commonly referred to as Casing and Capping, Casing Patti, or Casing and Capping wiring. They are primarily used for exterior wiring purposes. Alternatively, you can also use lightweight electrical conduits for these applications. Casing and Capping are quick to install and are designed to provide greater strength to support heavy wire loads.

Casing Pipe

Installation of Casing and Capping

The products have a built-in locking system where one part of the casing pipe is fitted on the bottom surface and another one on top; then you simply apply pressure by pressing on top of the pipe. The installation process is also pretty simple– first, the bottom part is attached to the walls, then the wiring is fed down the casing pipe, and finally, the cover gets pressed against the bottom part.

Features of Casing Pipes

  • Fast installation & easy maintenance

  • Secure & elegant look

  • Wide range of sizes to suit all cabling requirements

  • Fire retardant

  • Corrosion-free

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