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PVC Hose Pipe Manufacturers in Chennai

We at CR Polymerss manufacture PVC hose pipes in Chennai under the brand name of ITP Indiantube. We manufacture different types of hose pipes such as garden/braided hoses, flexible hoses, and water hose pipes. ITP Indiantube hose pipes are designed for high-pressure applications. It is a superior replacement to conventional rubber hoses as it is made of PVC.

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Braided hose pipes

Braided hose pipes

Braided PVC hose pipes, also known as garden hose pipes, can withstand higher pressure because of the reinforcement within them. The braided hose has superior consolidation and adhesion between the braids and covers, as compared to the rubber hose. They can be used for irrigation projects and gardening purposes. Made by reinforcement (Braiding) of synthetic yarn in between two or more layers of Soft PVC. The yarn is reinforced crosswise as well as in a longitudinal direction. This provides high-pressure carrying capacity as well as good flexibility.


Opaque and Transparent hose pipes

Opaque and Transparent hose pipes in Chennai

Discover premium quality opaque and transparent hose pipes at ITP Indiantube. Our versatile selection includes durable opaque hoses perfect for applications requiring non-visibility and transparent hoses ideal for monitoring fluid flow. Engineered with high-grade materials, our hose pipes ensure reliability and longevity. Whether you need opaque hose pipes for industrial use or transparent hose pipes for precision tasks, ITP Indiantube offers the best solutions. Explore our range and find the perfect hose pipe to meet your needs. Shop now for superior opaque and transparent hose pipes at ITP Indiantube.

  • Why ITP Indiantube is the best to buy uPVC pipes in Chennai?
    Choose ITP Indiantube for your UPVC pipe needs in Chennai for its unmatched quality, extensive selection, and reliable performance, ensuring your plumbing projects are durable and efficient.
  • What is the difference between uPVC and PVC pipes?
    PVC pipes generally contain plasticisers which have a high content of lead. Whereas, uPVC pipes do not contain any plasticisers. Hence the name un-plasticised PVC Pipes. They do not contain lead containments making them a good choice for transporting potable water.
  • Which is more costly, CPVC or uPVC in India?
    In India, UPVC pipes generally offer a more cost-effective solution compared to CPVC, providing high-quality performance at a competitive price point, making them the preferred choice for many piping applications.
  • Can we use uPVC pipe for hot water?
    While UPVC pipes are suitable for cold water applications, they may not withstand high temperatures, making CPVC pipes the better choice for conveying hot water safely and efficiently in your plumbing systems.
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